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Welcome to the Horley amateur England football club

England has a close association with football. With Sheffield F.C. as the first England football club of the world, Stoke City being the oldest professional association England football club of the world, the Football Association being the oldest body to govern football, the first football national team of the world, the world’s oldest knockout competition named the FA Cup and the world’s first national league named the English Football League, the England football club have many feathers in their hats.

Amateur Football Clubs in England

Since football has such a great history in England, it’s obvious that amateur football will be given much importance in the culture of England. A football league that is called the Amateur Football Combination which is based in London and other home counties is known to be the biggest league of Europe. It consists of more than 100 clubs with 350 sides. These clubs come in action from the month of September to May and play on Saturday afternoons. Surprisingly it comprises 1% of the male members of the football teams of England. This league was formed in 2002 and has affiliation from Amateur Football Alliance, London Football Alliance, Middlesex football Alliance and Surrey Football Alliance.

Professional Football Clubs in England

The professional England football club can be divided into six divisions that have been designated by the system of the English Football League

  1. Premier League (Level 1)
  2. English Football League
  3. National League
  4. National League Feeders (Level 7), (Level 8)
  5. Leagues that start at Level 9
  6. Leagues that start at Level 10

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Football Matches

There are a series of upcoming professional football matches coming up this sports season. Here is a list of transfer rumours and the most anticipated matches of the season:

Sky Bet Championship on

Monday, 27th May.

Match between

1. Aston Villa and Derby County

2. Kaiserslautern and Bayern Munich

German Bundesliga Relegation Playoffs on 27th May, Monday

  1. FC Union Berlin and Stuttgart

American MLS League

Toronto FC

  1. San Jose Earthquakes and Finnish Veikkausliga
  2. Honka and FC Lahti

Swedish Allsvenskan

  1. Hammarby IF and Norrkoping
  2. Orebro and IK Sirius

UEFA champions league on2nd June 2019. Matches between Totten ham Hotspur and Liverpool.

Premier League

The premier league is the highest level of the system of the English football league. It has 20 professional English football clubs under it working on the basis of promotion and relegation. The fixtures of the premier league for the season 2018-2019 will be released on 13th June on its official website. However, we have two fascinating matches between Chelsea and Arsenal on Thursday 30 May 2019 and Spurs and Liverpool on Sunday 2 June 2019 under UEFA Europa League.

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Famous Football Players

The professional English football club has produced many legendary professional soccer players who have made their names immortal in the pages of the history of football. The best names among them are:

  1. Bobby Charlton(Forward, Midfielder)
  2. Bobby Moore(Defender)
  3. Steven Gerrard (Midfielder)
  4. Gordon Banks (Goalkeeper)
  5. Michael Owen (Forward)
  6. Kevin Keegan( Forward, Center Forward, Midfielder)
  7. Alan Shearer( Forward)
  8. Sir Stanley Matthews( Outside Forward, Midfielder)
  9. David Beckham (Midfielder)
  10. Frank Lampard (Midfielder)

Amateur professional football and premier league has been the most integral part of the culture of England. The players have been treated as no less than a hero in England. The transfer rumors of the players have always created a buzz among the people of England.