Famous Football Players in England

England as a country, may not be the most successful football nation of all the times, but it’s the birthplace of many memorable players throughout football history. In England’s football history there have been many ups and downs, but as probably the most followed sport both in England and in the world, many English players have become legends. Here we can give you a list of 8 names that have noted down the country’s football history.

  1. Rio Ferdinand – Rio Ferdinand has long remained the most expensive transfer of English football to Sterling. At 46 million euros his assignment, he was also the most expensive defender, until Manchester City, again, this summer signs the 22-year-old defensive hope, John Stones, for 55.6 million euros. Sterling, Stone and Ferdinand, this is the podium of the most expensive English footballers in history.
  2. Frank Lampard – Frank Lampard is an English international footballer, currently considered one of the best midfielders of his time. Starting his professional career with the West Ham club, Lampard quickly became an English football legend when he joined the Chelsea club in 2001. The number eight of the London club did not take long to win, and his performances, his behavior on the field and his exemplary behavior quickly made him one of Stamford Bridge’s favorite players. Frank Lampard has already won the English Championship three times, the cup of England four times, and participated in the double Champions League – Europa League in 2012 and 2013. The number of personal honors received throughout his career amply sums up the talent of the British player, who has also made the English national team happy since 1999.
  3. Steven Gerrard – Steven Gerrard is one of the few players who has played only for a single team since his very first beginning. Professional from the time of his majority, Steven Gerrard meets all the criteria of a respectable and respected footballer. A long list of honors, numerous personal honors, several nominations to the Ballon d’Or and unwavering loyalty to his lifelong club, the Liverpool Reds, make Steven Gerrard an icon of English football, as well as Frank Lampard in Chelsea. Both players found themselves in the national selection to be one of the best midfielders in the field. Married to fashion journalist Alex Curran, Steven Gerrard is also happy with several brands and sponsors, such as Microsoft recently for the launch of its game console, the Xbox One.
  4. David Beckham – David Beckham is, above all, one of the stars of football, a perfect symbol of football’s media coverage in recent years, but above all, he is an outstanding player. It was at the right wingman’s post that he exploded, a right foot with which he can put the ball where he wants, one of the best centermen on the planet. Beckham is also a combative player, with an excellent technique; it is not uncommon to see him in the middle defensive position. He’s also a free-kick wonder.
    David Beckham is considered as the best player of the new generation of English football players and the only one of the Top 10, who owes his presence to his departure from the United Kingdom, to Real Madrid in this case who spent 37.5 million euros in compensation for having him. His last official game as part of the English team was in 2009.
  5. Michael Owen – Michael James Owen is a former British footballer who played as a striker. He is considered as one of the best English strikers in history, with the national grid he had 89 appearances and 40 networks between 1998 and 2008 also he won the Premier League scoring title twice in a row (1997-1998 and 1998-1999). He received the award for Best Young Premier League season 1997-1998 and was voted by BBC as a Sports Personality of the year 1998. He was also ranked second in the most crucial goal in the history of the FIFA World Cup called by FIFA in 2002, with 10,631 votes, the net scored the 1998 Football World Cup Argentina. On 19 March 2013, he announced his retirement from football.
  6. Wayne Rooney – Wayne Rooney is one of the players from the new generation that will be classified as one of the best in the country’s football history. Efficient, young and talented, he scored his first goal in the English Premier League under the colors of Everton against Arsenal at just 16 years and 360 days, a national record at the time. Rooney is truly awaited as a national star and living legend; he is one of the most promising talents of modern football. A versatile player, he usually played as a striker, he announced his multiple skills, playing on all sides. He’s number 9 on the England team.
  7. Bobby Moore – is one of the most prominent defensive players of all the time. He was captain and most notably player in West Ham and of the English national team as well at the age of 23. Regarded as the greatest player ever in West Ham, he played more than 600 games for the club in 16 years. At the entrance of the Wembley Stadium, there is a bronze statue of Bobby Moore.
  8. John Terry – John Terry is an English footballer who plays for Aston Villa. He was named Best Defenseman Champions League in 2005, 2008 and 2009; besides, he was voted PFA Player of the year in 2005. In 2007 he was the first captain to increase the FA Cup in the new Wembley stage, having won the Manchester United overtime final. In season 2014-2015, when he wore Chelsea’s shirt, he became the second football player movement in the history of the Premier League, after Gary Pallister of Manchester United (season 1992-1993), playing every minute of every game of the season, and then winning the championship.