English Football Clubs

As we all know, football is the most popular and most watched sport not only in England but worldwide. The Premier League is the most watched Football league in the world. The TV rights it generates are huge. It must be said that the legendary clubs are numerous and a great poster is on the program almost every weekend. It must be admitted that English football is often spectacular and that 0-0 are rare. Here you have 8 of the best football clubs in England.

  1. Manchester United – Manchester United Football Club is a football club based in Manchester, England and it’s a professional football club that competes in the Premier League and plays their home games at Old Trafford stadium. This football team has won many trophies with different titles, more than any other English club. Manchester United’s players are also known as Red Devils. If there weren’t Sir Alex Ferguson, nothing would be the same. The former manager of the club retired with a vital significance as being the best coach in British football’s history ever.
  2. Chelsea FC – Founded in 1905, Chelsea quickly achieved a reputation for signing renowned players and attracting a large crowd of followers but did not succeed to win any major trophy in its first 50 years of existence. Since the foundation, the club is based on Stamford Bridge. Chelsea has always worn blue shirts and white socks, as their home colors, and when being away, they usually have all yellow or all white shirts with blue trim. All the time top goalscorer of Chelsea is Frank Lampard.
  3. Arsenal – Arsenal is a professional English football club based in Islington, London and is being a part of the Premier League. The club has won many cups and championships and based on social media information, Arsenal’s number of fans is the fifth largest in the world. Home stadium of Arsenal is the Emirates Stadium which is on the fourth place of largest football stadiums in England.
  4. Manchester City – A football club based in Manchester, and also participating in the Premier League. The club was founded in 1880, and its home stadium at present is the City of Manchester Stadium located in the eastern part of the city. The club’s home colors are sky blue and white.
  5. Liverpool FC – Liverpool Football Club or L. F. C is a football club based in Liverpool, north-west England. Founded in 1892, it joined the Football League the following year and since then, has played at Anfield Road. Its jersey colors, which initially adopted red shirts and white shorts, have been all red since 1965. The club’s motto is “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Its major rivals are Manchester United, Everton, with whom they make the Liverpool City Classic, called the Merseyside Derby, and Chelsea. The club’s emblem is based on the Liverbird, a symbol of the city of Liverpool. Learn more why Liverpool is the most promising team for winning the Premier League 2020 season’s title. It’s another proof why this club is the most prominent among the betting audience.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur – Tottenham Hotspur is another English football club competing in the Premier League. It is based in Tottenham, London which was founded in 1882. Since April 2019 the club has new home ground called Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, replacing their old one White Hart Lane.
  7. Everton – Everton is a professional football club based in Liverpool and also plays in the Premier League competing for the top flight of football. It was formed in 1878, and the club supporters are better known as Evertonians. Goodison Park is the home stadium of the club. Royal blue shirts and white shorts and socks are the home colors of Everton.
  8. Aston Villa FC – Aston Villa FC is based in Aston, Birmingham which is currently competing in the Championship. The club was founded in 1874, and its current home stadium is Villa Park. Throughout history, they have won many cups and leagues.